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What is the maximum size of all of the snapshots that c…

A VM has the following configuration:
HDD1 10 GB
HDD2 20 GB
A vSphere Administrator creates a snapshot of a powered off VM.
What is the maximum size of all of the snapshots that can be consumed on the datastore?

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

30 GB

100% of the datastore minus 512 bytes

34 GB

50% of the datastore

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  1. Andre Alexanian says:

    Definitely A

    extract from vsphere 5.1 documentation:
    A .vmsn file that includes the active state of the virtual machine. Capturing the memory state of the virtual machine lets you revert to a turned on virtual machine state. With nonmemory snapshots, you can only revert to a turned off virtual machine state. Memory snapshots take longer to create than nonmemory snapshots. The time the ESX host takes to write the memory onto the disk is relative to the amount of memory the virtual machine is configured to use.

    Extract from link below:
    If you choose to store the memory state, this file will be slightly larger than the amount of RAM that has been assigned to the VM, as the entire memory contents, including empty memory, is copied to this file. If you do not choose to store the memory state of the snapshot then this file will be fairly small — under 32 KB.


  2. Alex says:

    Tricky question…
    According to

    Child disks and disk usage
    It is important to note these points regarding the space utilization of child disks:

    Child disks are known to grow large enough to fill an entire datastore, but this is because the LUN containing the datastore was insufficiently large to contain the base disk, the number of snapshots created, and the overhead and .vmsn files created.

    And look at the picture

    all child snaps refer to the parent’s snapshots and it means that every snapshot can be as large as base vmdk.

    I think the answer is C


    1. genjam.bhai says:

      The wording is confusing. But question asks for “the maximum size of all of the snapshots” which would be =
      100% of Datastore – Size of Original VMDKs and VSWP – 512B for metadata.


  3. ecko4r4 says:

    The answer is B

    Yes this snasphot can’t grow up more than 30Gb. A snapshot cannot grow up more than the size of the VM’s disk. In this case, the snapshot is taken with the VM power off, so the .vmsn file don’t grow up neither.

    But is a tricky question, they are asking for the maximum size of ALL SNAPSHOTS.



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