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Briefing NS0-191: NetApp Certified Support Engineer

Click the Exhibit tab.A customer receives the AutoSuppo…

Click the Exhibit tab.A customer receives the AutoSupport message shown below.”(?] Sat Aug 23 13:00:27 PDT [hostname: env_rngr:] : Call home for
(?] Sat Aug 23 13:00:32 PDT [hostname: env_mgr: monitor.chassisFan.ok:notice]: Chassis fan Sysfan3
F2 is ok”
The output of the sysconfig -a command is shown in the exhibit.

In this scenario, what would you do to solve this problem?

which statement is correct?

Click the Exhibit tab.

Round-robin DNS has been configured for all data LIFs belonging to SVM1. There is a data LIF on every
node of that 4-node cluster. The administrator has reports from users of sporadic user access issues
when accessing CIFS shares on SVM1. The administrator determines that one out of four attempts result
in a “path not found error” message. The administrator believes that the issue is network related.
Referring to the exhibit, which statement is correct?

Which three statements are true in this scenario?

A customer has one storage virtual machine (SVM) that is using Fibre Channel as a protocol (FCP).
Some clients are successfully accessing LUNs on this SVM. The zoning is done by using worldwide port
names (WWPNs). The customer creates a second SVM for Fibre Channel and wants to access new
LUNs in this SVM from the same clients.
Which three statements are true in this scenario? (Choose three.)

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