Which two statements are true about Oracle Data Pump? 1z0-072  


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11/07/2019 7:28 am  

A. expdp and impdp are its client components.
B. impdp always uses conventional path inserts when importing data.
C. The D3xs_datapump package can be used only with Data Pump clients
D. It cannot be used to export data as of a previous SCN.
E. impdp can change target data file names, schemas, and tablespaces during import.


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03/09/2019 8:30 am  

E - correct, beacuse u can use remap directive

C - Incorrect - D3xs_datapump - not valip package. It's use DBMS_METADATA, DBMS_DATAPUMP

B - I think it' Incorrect. Data Pump use directory.  Conventional path - it's about SQL loader

D - Incorrect

A - looks like most correct.

expdp and impdp, the export and import command-line programs.



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18/02/2020 5:58 am  

I'm a little bit late to this question, but:

A - correct. These are the two client components. It has two other components, the PL/SQL packages DBMS_METADATA and DBMS_DATAPUMP.

B - incorrect. Datapump can use conventional path, direct path, or external tables, to move data.

C - incorrect. Assuming this is a typo, and should be DBMS_DATAPUMP package, the DBMS_DATAPUMP package can be used from within normal SQL windows too, most noteably for monitoring other datapump jobs.

D - correct. You can use the FLASHBACK_SCN parameter, in the expdp command, to export data as of a given SCN

E - correct. You use the REMAP_DATAFILE, REMAP_SCHEMA and REMAP_TABLESPACE options in impdp


Are you sure the question is correct, as stated? From what I can see, three answers are correct here....

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