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25/09/2018 2:51 pm  

Hello all,

I came over this question when studying for my 1z0-160

"You want to make sure that your database administrators have a convenient way to monitor your DBaaS instance. To do so, you need to enable the Oracle DBaaS
How would you enable the Oracle DBaaS Monitor?
A. Use the enable_dbaas_monitor command.
B. Create an SSH tunnel to port 443.
C. Disable the ora_p2_httpssl security rule in Oracle Compute Cloud Service Console.
D. Use the Oracle GlassFish Server Administration Console.
E. Add ODBM access to each DBA’s user profile."

Can anyone help here please?

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24/02/2019 5:58 am  

Answer B is incorrect as that is what i selected on the exam.  The question is very tricky 

B. Create an SSH tunnel to port 443.

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