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What is wrong?

A non-master operator has rights to create custom content and to access all the sites in the
deployment. She creates a baseline to deploy a variety of software packages to newly imaged
workstations. This baseline becomes relevant when a custom client setting is new_workstation =
true. She tests the baseline on two freshly imaged machines that have the custom client setting
and everything works fine. She tells her team the baseline is ready to go. but members of her
team report they cannot use the baseline. The master operator can see the baseline but cannot
deploy it. What is wrong?

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

Baselines are not used for software deployment.

Custom client setting are IBM Endpoint Manager user-specific.

She forgot to publish the baseline in a custom site where it can be shared.

Only the person with custom content rights can deploy the content they create.


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