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which is true?

A new version of FortiOS firmware has just been released. When you upload new firmware, which
is true?

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

If you upload the firmware image via the boot loader’s menu from a TFTP server, it will not preserve the
configuration. But if you upload new firmware via the GUI or CLI, as long as you are following a supported upgrade
path, FortiOS will attempt to convert the existing configuration to be valid with any new or changed syntax.

No settings are preserved. You must completely reconfigure.

No settings are preserved. After the upgrade, you must upload a configuration backup file. FortiOS will ignore any
commands that are not valid in the new OS. In those cases, you must reconfigure settings that are not compatible
with the new firmware.

You must use FortiConverter to convert a backup configuration file into the syntax required by the new FortiOS,
then upload it to FortiGate.

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