Do you change the order of the questions?  


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02/12/2017 5:19 am  


I'm examining the 70-695 exam questions. I wrote down all my answers and today I wanted to continue. But question 81, which I wrote down, is missing and 81 is now what 82 was last week. As if 1 question was removed from the list. My question is, do you make changes to the order of questions or make changes to the list by removing or adding questions?



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02/12/2017 10:19 am  


The order of the questions  are not changed. For example about briefing 70-695

Please see the questions' panel on the right. You can see the links in three color, BLACK -> current questions, gray -> questions that you visited, and blue -> questions that you are not view.

This happen when you use the same browser for viewing.



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