when an active SmartCenter Server fails over?

How does a standby SmartCenter Server receive logs from all Security Gateways, when an active SmartCenter Server fails over?

The remote Gateways must set up SIC with the secondary SmartCenter Server, for logging

Establish Secure Internal Communications (SIC) between the primary and secondary Servers. The secondary Server can then receive logs from the Gateways, when the active Server fails over

On the Log Servers screen (from the Logs and Masters tree on the gateway object’s General Properties screen), add the secondary SmartCenter Server object as the additional log server. Reinstallt he Security Policy

Create a Check Point host object to represent the standby SmartCenter Server. Then select "Secondary SmartCenter Server" and Log Server", from the list of Check Point Products on the General properties screen

The secondary Server’s host name and IP address must be added to the Masters file, on the remote Gateways

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