About AIOTestking

The domain “AIOTestking.COM” is no longer used.

Dear all,

– In July 2011, we want to become a king in sample tests in all fields. So we choose the domain aiotestking.com – as mean we are king of tests in one place. So we are unintentional use Testking.com trade mark.

– The Testking.com offer “Real IT Exam Questions & Answers. Instant Download.”. They sell the package that help IT user can pass exams 100%. Inverse, we only share the questions & answers via user’s experience. The questions & answers are samples. They are not correct 100%. They only base on users’ experiences. We want make a place where users can discuss together for learning. We are different goals, different ways. In sum, we are not infringing with “Testking.com”

– We don’t upload any pdf or vce related “Testking.com”, and user can’t download any vce or pdf files. If you say we distribute “Testking.com” materials, we do not agree. We only want user discuss & learn questions & answers together.

– We are in over six years. We have spend a lot of time to becoming popular with users. And our domain is still 2020. Why don’t Certification Trendz make a complain before we have been popular yet, etc.. in 2012, 2013? At this time, when we are popular with users, you use UDRP Policy to get our domain freely? What is fair?

– At this time, we don’t use domain aiotestking.com to avoid confusing similar to Certification Trendz’s TEST KING® mark. We don’t agree about transferring our domain “aiotestking.com” to Certification Trendz. That is a worst solution as a predatory war. It’s ours, from 2011 up to 2020.

P/s: We are happy if you can leave your comment at here: http://www.udrpsearch.com/naf/1749175