How do you enable a default connection between Database…

How do you enable a default connection between Database as a Service (DBaaS)

by creating network groups and adding the instances that you want to communicate to
that group

by creatingdedicated communication keys and setting them to be used only for your
DBaaS instance-to-instance communication

by creating nothing for communication between the DBaaS instances because all
instances are interconnected by default

by installing and configuring theNETMGRutility for your DBaaS environment, and then
using it to set up the required communication channels

Before your DBaaS database was created, you or a coworker generated a private and
public SSH key pair, perhaps using PuTTY Key Generator.
The public key was specified when your database instance was created; a copy of that

public key was stored in the VM hosting your database.
When you define in PuTTY an SSH connection to the VM hosting your database, you will
specify a copy ofthe private key stored on your local PC. When you initiate a PuTTY
connection, the VM compares the private key to the matching public key stored in the VM.
The VM permits the connection when the private and public key match as a valid key pair.

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  1. Mario says:


    To enable unrestricted communication among some of your instances (for example, to enable all the instances hosting your development environment to communicate with each other), you can create a security list and add the instances to that security list. When you add an instance to a security list, the instance can communicate with all the other instances in the same security list.



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