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Hello eveyone,

I took 70-461 Querying Microsoft SQL Server exam last week.  There is a question that I did not understand. There is a part of query below. We must complete it. The Question is;


You have a SQL Server database that contains all of the sales data for your company.

You need to create Transact-SQL has bee provided in the answer area below. Enter the code in the answer area that resolves the problem and meets the satated goals or requirements. you can add code within the code that has been provided as well as 


1   SELECT CustomerId, N 

2           , Top5=        (0.95)         (ORDER BY N)  OVER (PARTITION BY Sales)

3   FROM Customers  


There is also a lot of dump that has explanation of this question.  The aswer is below.  But I did not understand. Is there anyone who can explain  this syntax and answer? 


1   SELECT CustomerId, N, 

2     Top5=  TOP (0.95) PERCENT  Sales (ORDER BY N)  OVER (PARTITION BY Sales)

3   FROM Customers  


Thank you

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