Which statement is true about stopping Node Manager?

Which statement is true about stopping Node Manager?

If you stop Node Manager, the managed servers it started will also stop.

You may kill the Node Manager process by using operating system commands.

Using the stopNodeManager.sh script so Node Managerstopsgradually.

Using the administration console, select the appropriate machine and click stop.

The administration server goes into ADMIN mode if it can no longer Communicate with Node

The managed servers that Nod Managerstartedgo intoADMINmode if they cannolonger
communicate with NodeManager.

ring node manager)

13 Comments on “Which statement is true about stopping Node Manager?

  1. Madhu K says:

    Answer B is Correct. If we are using WebLogic 12c (12.1.3) then Option C is correct as the stopNodeManager.sh script is given in this patch release

  2. wls-guy says:

    “B” is the correct answer – please try not to confuse readers.

    both 12.1.1 and 12.1.3 have same instructions to stop the Node Manager:



    Stopping Node Manager

    To stop Node Manager, close the command shell in which it is running.

    Alternatively, after having set the nodemanager.properties attribute QuitEnabled to true (the default is false), you can use WLST to connect to the Node Manager and shut it down. For more information, see stopNodeManager in the WebLogic Scripting Tool Command Reference.

  3. Dani says:

    By logic, it must be B .. because if we accept that is C
    then we have 2 issues.

    1. What is “stops gradually
    2. I means B is false => so I cant kill the process via SO

  4. Eldhose says:

    Ans: B and C

    1) Kill – 9

    2) http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24329_01/web.1211/e24490/reference.htm#WLSTC3362

    Command Category: Node Manager Commands
    Use with WLST: Online or Offline
    Description: Stops the Node Manager process.
    In order to stop the Node Manager process, you must have either started Node Manager with startNodeManager, or Node Manager must have been started with the property QuitEnabled=true. You can configure this property in $WLS_HOME/common/nodemanager.properties. This allows you to connect to the Node Manager to shut it down.

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